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Here are some of our thoughts about research and recent developments in machine learning. Click on a headline to read the teaser.

12 Atomic Experiments in Deep Learning [Notebook]
Deep learning remains somewhat of a mysterious art even for frequent practitioners, because we usually run complex experiments on large datasets, which obscures basic relationships between dataset, hyperparameters, and performance. The goal of this notebook is to provide some basic intuition of deep neural networks by running very simple experiments on small datasets that help understand trends that occur generally on larger datasets. article Read More ›

3 Ways to Remove Noise from Data/Signal
Denoising signal and data is one of the most important problems in data science and electrical engineering. Here, I provide a high-level breakdown of 3 ways to think about this problem. article Read More ›

9 ICML Papers You Should Read
Did you miss ICML? Here are some cool papers from this year's conference. article Read More ›