• conversion LESS code to SCSS;
  • migration to GULP from GRUNT;
  • update of BOWER and NPM modules to the last current versions;
  • integration of LIBSASS module for a fast PRE processor compiling;
  • update of file directory;
  • update to Bootstrap 4;
  • optimisation of images;
  • update of all FLAT UI components according to the Bootstrap 4 version;
  • javascript and jquery libraries updates;
  • responsive version for all components;
  • update of Component and Template pages;
  • update of Documentation;
  • update of Getting-Start page.


  • Fixed issue with dropdowns border-top-radius (;
  • Fixed conflict issue of jquery-ui and bootstrap button.js (;
  • Added holder.js library;
  • Added test case for typeahead component;
  • Typeahead: fixed form-control styling;
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements.



  • Bootstrap upgraded to v3.2.0;
  • jQuery upgraded to v1.11.1;
  • Bower support added (all dependencies are set as packages using bower);
  • Grunt support added: now, you can use assembly and testing process automation tools for less/js files, launch a local server or watch process for less compilation on-the-fly (grunt modules: concat, uglify, jshint, jscs, csslint, autoprefixer, csscomb, cssmin, etc.);
  • Added 101 template, compiled and minimized js/less file versions are now located in /dist directory, you can use them for quick start;
  • Documentation is moved to /docs folder;
  • More examples added (docs/examples);



  • Video player, pagination and tooltip modules remade and updated;
  • Helper classes for huge margin/padding .mha, .pha (;
  • Add a variable for .dl-horizontal’s offset;
  • Add variables for .pager;
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements.


  • Modularized the mixins into separate files. We now have a mixins directory in our less folder that @imports all the mixins into mixins.less (;
  • Refactor scale mixins to ensure both .scale(x) and .scale(x, y) work (;
  • Add .animation-fill-mode() mixin (;


  • All glyphicons updated;
  • New 27 social and 50 other icons added;
  • Selection.json file added – now, you can again edit the font with icons using Icomoon service;


  • Add .navbar-link support;
  • Correctly reset .btn-link colors in a navbars (;


  • Scope .open button state in .button-variant() mixin to immediate children (;


  • Support added for .feedback-icons (added to Bootstrap 3.1.0. Note: .input-icon no longer supported);
  • Add .form-group-sm/-hg/-lg (;


  • Checkbox and radio plugin improved: now, a single plugin is used for both types of elements, more methods and have been added, and the plugin no longer conflicts with AngularJS, css-only styling;
  • Fix .noConflict() mode for radiocheck plugin (;
  • Select improved, now, select2 library is used instead of bootstrap-select;
  • Switch redesigned, bootstrap-switch updated to v3.0.2;
  • Instead of jquery-tags-input, bootstrap-tagsinput v0.4.2 is now being used.


  • Bootstrap upgraded to v3.1.0;
  • Respond.js upgraded to v1.4.2;
  • Optimized file indentations, 2 spaces are now used instead of tabs, .editorconfig file is added;
  • Added variables font-path, font-name and font-id ( for local fonts and glyphicons;
  • Added the ability to change the navbar height through the variables @navbar-height-base and @navbar-height-large;
  • Add @grid-float-breakpoint-max to better link navbar behavior across viewports and improve customization when setting @grid-float-breakpoint (;
  • Add .small support to blockquote citations (;
  • Reorder the headings with body text and text emphasis classes (;
  • Remove color from outline reset for improved outlines on focus (;
  • Remove unnecessary prefixes for gradient mixins given our stated browser support (;
  • Add line-height to progress bar for proper text alignment within (;
  • Use @screen-xx-xx variables instead of hardcoded pixel values in modules;
  • Enable use of form validation class on .radio, .checkbox, .radio-inline, and .checkbox-inline (;
  • Add <kbd> element styles to indicate user input via keyboard (;
  • Add .animation() mixins(;
  • Prevent the double borders between multiple buttons in an input group (;
  • Updated .scale() mixin so that it accepts optional vertical scale as second parameter (;
  • Don’t set @headings-font-family to the same font stack as the <body>; instead, just use inherit for same default CSS (;
  • Add .make-xs-column mixins to complement the recently added extra small predefined grid classes (;
  • Add and use .text-emphasis-variant() mixin for emphasis classes (;
  • Add and use .bg-variant() mixin to generate background classes (;
  • Reset height on select[multiple] in .input-size() mixin (;
  • Account for badges within buttons by matching background to text color and text color to background (;
  • Drop the abbr element from the .initialism selector (;
  • Add .small support to blockquote citations (;
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements.


  • Bootstrap upgraded to v3.0.3;
  • Navbar completely rewriten, added new states (default, inverse, embossed, large, fixed-top, fixed-bottom, static-top), now you can use basic navbar elements: .navbar-form, .navbar-btn, .navbar-text, .navbar-link;
  • Forms: added support for legend, .help-block, fixed rounded serch form on iOS, fixed desabled input background and opacity, added support for input-groups;
  • Slider: added vertical orientation;
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements.


  • Typography improved (new global variables, padding and margins changed for basic elements, global default font-size now is 18px, with a line-height of 1.722, added support for <abbr>, <address>, <code>, <pre>, right-aligned <blockquote>);
  • Buttons module completely rewritten (new global variables, buttons now require a .btn-default for the standard version, added support for .btn-link);
  • Fixed some bugs in .navbar;
  • Mixins updated (added standard mixins from Bootstrap 3);
  • Layout updated for stylized select and dropdown menu;
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements.


  • Bootstrap upgraded to v3.0;
  • Added support for better box model;
  • Update html5 video player to version 4.1;
  • Added components documentation and sturt-up template;
  • Various small bugfixes and improvements.


  • Compatibility with Flat UI Pro (Less instead of Sass), Bootstrap upgraded to 2.3.1, grids refinements, various Less compiler bugfixes, Video module bugfix, various small bugfixes.


  • New icons, Login screen implemented to a real HTML one. Small bug fixes and refinements.


  • Fixed several small IE bugs